Wednesday, 1 December 2010

London Tube Lines application. Developed using JavaFX

Hello everybody.
As it could be noticed I haven't been posting for a while. It is due to my university courseworks, which keep me busy all the time, and my private project. This is the part I wanted to discuss. I don't know how many of you lives in London and is familiar with London Underground, but it should not be a problem in understanding my project.

In the past weeks I was working on developing desktop application that will show the current status of the underground lines in London. The application is not yet finished, but major part is codded already. Have a look at the main window:

The rectangle with grey shadow indicates that you can click on it and view information about the line (somehow my hand cursor didn't get caught on that shot...). The information is presented in the window which slides from the top and looks like that:

As you can see it does not show any information yet. It is the part to be yet implemented. It is worth to mention that data is updated from the TFL server through Tubeupdates API. The information to be displayed in the second screen shot is to be fetched straight from TFL through their feeds. And finally the application is purely implemented using JavaFX, I don't use any Java classes.

Once the application is finished, I'm planning to turn it to desktop widget using WidgetFX framework and release to the public:)

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