Thursday, 27 May 2010

JavaFX scripting Welcome

Hello everybody,
Recently I started learning the JavaFX scripting language, the new kid  of Sun Microsystem. I decided that I will set up this blog in which I will present concepts of JavaFX in simple way. I'll describe syntax and logic behind the language as well as post simple JavaFX applications. Each of the will be accompanied by description of what the code do. Hopefully, we all will learn something new.

So what is JavaFX you might ask. Simply saying is scripting language that allows us to build Rich Internet Applications. It provides programmers with facilities to build really fancy UI. In addition applications written in this language can be run stand-alone on the desktop, they might be run in the browser and to surprise you, in the mobile phone. You do not need to change too much as most of the processing is handled by JavaFX engine. If you wish to get more information, you should have a look in here:

You'll find many interesting information on that site. 
Anyway, that's all for now. Watch out for new posts!


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